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           Hello and welcome!

Click here to download optional instruction page.

This is an online college with a few extra features. It might take a little bit of learning your way around.
Once you are familiar with it, the next time is easy. Registering is only a 3 step process so fear not.



Attention iPad users:
Apparently audio from our course doesn't play well with the iPad.
An alternative is to download the "Puffin" browser.
It's free for a week and then only costs $3.
It's faster than Safari, Firefox, or Explorer and plays flash.

Click here to go to the Puffin website.

~~~Watch here for a video on registering~~~

Click here.
Click on the fill screen icon to expand, click "escape" to make it small again.

Any time you return , just click on the "My Enrolled Courses" button on your left, to return to your courses.

We hope you enjoy the course.

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video on getting transcripts.
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